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يسرنا  أن نعلم عملائنا وشراكائنا الكرام عن استحواذنا لمصانع جديدة في مدينة ينبع الصناعية (المعروفة سابقا باسم المركز التقدمي لإنتاج كربونات الكالسيوم). وبذلك سنتمكن من  زيادة قدراتنا الإنتاجية وإثراء قائمة منتجاتنا بمنتجات إضافية (مثل كربونات الكالسيوم المترسبة)
SCC is pleased to inform our dear clientele and business partners that we have acquired a plant in Yanbu Industrial Area (formerly known as the Progressive Center for Calcium Carbonate PCC Microwhite). This acquisition allows us to serve you better by offering additional production capacities as well as enriching our product portfolio (e.g. Precipitated Calcium Carbonate)


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  • Head Office:

P.O Box 25679, Riyadh :11476 Second Industrial City, Riyadh, AlKharj Road Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 11 2651947
Fax:+966 11 2651295
E-mail: info@saudicarbonate.com
Website: www.saudicarbonate.com

  • Yanbu Branch:

P.O Box: 31752, Yanbu : 41912
Light Industrial Area, 7th Street
Yanbu Sanayiya,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 00966 14 3961111
Fax: 00966 14 3960035
E-mail: info@saudicarbonate.com
Website: www.saudicarbonate.com

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   Saudi Carbonate Co. was founded in the year 1989 with a Saudi share of 70% and Jordanian share of 30%. The Saudi Carbonate Company Ltd. was previously registered by the Ministry of Industry and Electricity under license No. 286, dated 03-08-1408H for the production of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and Dolomite. Production was started on 01-05-1991 with a capital of SR 7 millions and  10 employees as manpower.

  The expansions had been carried out in Saudi Carbonate Co.  for factory no.2 in the year 1995,  for Dorcal Factory no.3 in 1996 , for Silica factory no.4 in 1997, for the Coated Calcium Carbonate Factory no.5.1 & Dorcal factory no.6  in 1998, for Coated Calcium Factory no.5.2 in the year 2000,for fine Calcium Carbonate Factory no.7 & Expansion of Factory no.2  in the year 2001,for Dorcal Factory no.8.

  Saudi Carbonate Company Ltd. is having the valuable product demands in  Saudi Arabia ,Gulf Countries, Asia Countries and African Countries etc .

  On 20th Nov2006, Saudi Carbonate Company Ltd was collaborated with OMYA B.E.S Switzerland and Silica Factories were separated and renamed as Saudi Silica Company.

  At present Saudi Carbonate Company Ltd has Saudi Share of 52%, Jordanian Share of 18% and Omya (Swiss) of 30%. Having the new registration no.197 dated 27/11/1419H.The plant has the Capacity of 25,000 tones per month for the production of Natural/Coated Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite and Talc with total Capital of SR 19 millions and the total manpower of 225 employees in the company.

    Calcium Carbonate (Coated / Natural), Dolomite, and Talc are being used as a filler material in the Paint, Carpet, Ceramic Tiles, Fiberglass, Adhesive, Water Treatment, Glass, Floor-Construction, PVC Cables and other Plastic Industries. We are the only main supplier to the pioneer Industries in the Kingdom and GCC countries.

Our laboratory is well equipped with Sedigraph 5100 , Atomic Absorption Spectrometer , Malvern and Data Color apparatus for checking particle size distribution and chemical tests of its products.

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